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Does anyone know of a robust (and bullet proof) is_JSON function snippet for PHP? I (obviously) have a situation where I need to know if a string is JSON or not.

Hmm, perhaps run it through a JSONLint request/response, but that seems a bit overkill.

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Shoot; I had a bullet-proof solution handy, but it wasn't very robust, so I had to scrap it :P –  user212218 Jan 2 '12 at 0:25

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If you are using the built in json_decode PHP function, json_last_error returns the last error (e.g. JSON_ERROR_SYNTAX when your string wasn't JSON).

Usually json_decode returns false anyway.

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Yeah, I am an idiot. This was obvious and I just missed it. I can wrap this up into what I need. Thanks. –  Spot Jul 27 '09 at 11:05

What about using json_decode, which should return null if the given string was not valid JSON-encoded data ?

See example 3 on the manual page :

// the following strings are valid JavaScript but not valid JSON

// the name and value must be enclosed in double quotes
// single quotes are not valid 
$bad_json = "{ 'bar': 'baz' }";
json_decode($bad_json); // null

// the name must be enclosed in double quotes
$bad_json = '{ bar: "baz" }';
json_decode($bad_json); // null

// trailing commas are not allowed
$bad_json = '{ bar: "baz", }';
json_decode($bad_json); // null
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Doesn't json_decode() with a json_last_error() work for you? Are you looking for just a method to say "does this look like JSON" or actually validate it? json_decode() would be the only way to effectively validate it within PHP.

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$this->post_data = json_decode( stripslashes( $post_data ) );
  if( $this->post_data === NULL )
   die( '{"status":false,"msg":"The post_data parameter must be valid JSON"}' );
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For my projects I use this function.

Passing the same arguments you would pass to json_decode() you can detect specific application "errors" (e.g. depth errors)

With PHP >= 5.6

// PHP >= 5.6
function is_JSON(...$args) {
    return (json_last_error()===JSON_ERROR_NONE);

Instead with PHP < 5.6:

// PHP < 5.6
function is_JSON() {
    return (json_last_error()===JSON_ERROR_NONE);

Usage example:

$mystring = '{"param":"value"}';
if (is_JSON($mystring)) {
    echo "Valid JSON string";
} else {
    $error = json_last_error_msg();
    echo "Not valid JSON string ($error)";
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Well if you you need a "bullet proof" solution I think you have to (try) evaluate the whole string first. You could do a qualified guess by checking some characters. You know that the first char has to be { for a string to be valid json.

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