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I would like to use spaces instead of tabs when editing Perl scripts with the native vi found on Solaris systems.

I know this can be done with the vim clone, but I don't have access to install vim on these systems as they are vendor locked.

Firstly, is there a way to configure vi to emit spaces when I press TAB?

And secondly, I am also using the auto-indent feature of vi:

:set ai

The problem is, when I manually enter spaces for indenting vi converts groups of 8 spaces into tabs automatically when it does auto-indenting. I guess if I can find a way to turn this functionality off it will be a start.

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For an outside-the-box option, could you export the Solaris filesystem using NFS and edit the files you need on another system with a more capable editor?

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I could, and that is a good suggestion. I would like to avoid doing this if I could though. –  Andre Miller Jul 27 '09 at 11:23
I'm accepting this answer as there doesn't seem to be a way to do what I want 'within the box' –  Andre Miller Aug 23 '09 at 21:33

I believe you want

:set et

(short for expandtabs). I think vi classic supports it.

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I don't have a classic vi handy, but according to the vim help, it doesn't. –  Greg Hewgill Jul 27 '09 at 11:30
Oh wait, I do! FreeBSD has classic vi. It doesn't seem to have an expandtab option at all. –  Greg Hewgill Jul 27 '09 at 11:31
How unpleasant. I guess it can't be done, then. autoindent but not expandtabs... who woulda thunk it. –  chaos Jul 27 '09 at 11:56
I was so hoping this would work, but alas :). If I could just get it not to convert spaces to tabs during autoindent, I'd be happy. –  Andre Miller Jul 27 '09 at 12:05

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