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Is there any way of configuring Eclipse (or GWT?) to run on Tomcat and not on Built-in Jetty server.

I have been playing around with GWT for last few days and have completed the Start-up projects. Now i want to move to more exciting ones involving database, authentication and multiple modules.

So, the question is How do i configure (or integrate?) Eclipse with GWT, MySQL and Tomcat Server so I can run apps on Tomcat in development mode.

I have come across a few articles but unfortunately they aren't clear enough for me.

Additional Info:

  1. Win 7 32 bit
  2. Eclipse Helios
  3. JDK 1.6 JRE 6
  4. Tomcat 6
  5. GWT 2.4 (With google plugin for eclipse)
  6. MySQL 5.5.20 (Installed as a part of WampServer with PHP and Apache)
  7. New-comer to Java, Eclipse, Tomcat and GWT :)

Please guide me how to setup my development environment. Also if you could guide me to some basic tutorial that demonstrate Database communication in GWT, that would be great.

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Try to test this article. This may be your answer.

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first you should read about jdbc to connect the mysql from the eclipse project from which you can easily connect to the mysql(similar to mysql_connect in PHP)

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