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I want to create page navigation for my app written in Backbone.

when I want to create the page navigation, I'm having problem with creating the URL.

<a href="' + Backbone.history.fragment + '/some_page_number">some_page_number</a>

because Backbone.history.fragment will return path/to/1

the code above will return path/to/1/some_page_number.

while I want it to be


how can I make it so.

Thanks in advance.

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My suggestion:

<a href="' + MyApp.Utils.linkToPage( some_page_number ) + '">some_page_number</a>

// code no tested
MyApp.Utils.linkToPage = function( page ) {
  return Backbone.history.fragment.replace( /\/\d*$/, "" ) + "/" + page;

Maybe the RegExp is not properly defined but you can make an idea.

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