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I am a beginner in web development. I can use PHP server sides scripting.

I have the following design:

  1. Pages 5
  2. All have the same header and footer

Is it possible to keep the header as well as the footer in different files so that every page will use the header/footer as components.

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PHP.net is awesome. Simply use the site for any questions you have, you should really have a look at include()... protip you can type any PHP function after php.net/ and it will give you that functions page. –  Ohgodwhy Aug 9 '12 at 4:10

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Yes you can use php include function.

You can write something like this. This header and footer will be constant for your all the 5 page. and in each page you can change your code.

include '/Path/To/header.php';
// Here you can write your page script without header and footer.
include '/Path/To/footer.php';
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