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I am using Komodo edit 7.1 on a macbook pro running OS X mountain lion

Note that the duplicated file needs a space at the beginning. e.g: to execute, I wrote the code given in the lesson but when running the command i get an error /bin/sh: /usr/bin/ No such file or directory.

When I create a file name: (the underscore is actually white space) and execute it from there, the command completes the action correctly '/usr/bin/python' returned 0.

Interestingly enough, the code for the duplicated file can be blank, somehow it is choosing the proper file.

p.s. obviously I am brand new at this. I have searched google for similar problems but haven't found what I need. Please help!

Thank you

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The path to the python executable is not setup correctly. Use the Terminal to fix it.

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