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First of all thank you for stopping by and reading this problem. So here's my problem. I have a table in mysql named tbl_section where the core fields should be:

  • section_id
  • section_name
  • adviser_id
  • student_id

So here's the deal is it possible for 1 section to have multiple student_id's if so how should i go about it? I've tried looking into datatype Enum to solve this dilemma but all i got is nothing.

Hope you guys have a solution for this. Thank you for reading! The one who will solve this, I will make a statue of him and put it on my front yard like a GOD!!

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Why not just have multiple rows rather than having to store and manage multiple IDs in a single field. –  ChrisBint Aug 9 '12 at 4:36
How about create another table with student_id being the primary key and section_id being the Foreign key ? –  Gnijuohz Aug 9 '12 at 4:37

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Yes, you need master-detail tables or 1 to N relationship tables i.e.

create table section (
  section_id int,
  section_name varchar(100),
  adviser_id -- don't know what this field mean
create table student (
  section_id int,
  student_id int,
  student_name varchar(200)

then you may do like this

insert into section (1, 'section1', 0)
insert into student (1,10,'John Gordon')
insert into student (1,11,'Shor Khan')

then you can get all students in section1

select * from student where section_id = 1
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