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how to write an exec task in ant to replace two values in .m file. Because I want to replace the version number in iphone app, including my build number which i build using hudson, i remotely access the macos and get the app to be copied on to my windows system, so i generated the build using ant exec tasks, but now i want to replace my build number into the concern file before compiling, so how can i use exec task to replace certain values in a file. I know propertyfile task which replaces the value in a property file, but it doesn't work for this.

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If you have a template file, you can use the <copy> task with a nested <filterset> to replace certain values. If not, you can still use <copy>, this time with a nested filter chain containing a <replaceregex> token filter. If you want to edit in place, you can move the newly created file to the old location afterwards.

The use of <exec> is almost certainly a bad idea for your application, as it would make your build rely on external applications which usually are not available on all platforms, thus breaking portability of your build.

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I don't want to use copy task, I want to execute my build on mac, thats the reason I want to use exec. – user1330847 Aug 10 '12 at 6:08
@user1330847, what do you mean by “execute my build”? To me, executing a build means calling ant and letting it do what needs to be done. And as long as a given task gets the job done, why should I want to use another task? I have the feeling there is some deep misunderstanding here, but I can't pinpoint it yet. – MvG Aug 10 '12 at 7:34

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