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In my network programming project (in visual C++), I am facing one problem with connect(...) api. The code segment for connect() is as below.

if (connect(sockfd[0], &sock.addr, sizeof(sock.inaddr)) == SOCKET_ERROR){
    wprintf(L"connect function failed with error: %ld\n", WSAGetLastError());

for above mentioned code i am getting follwoing compilation error, which doesn't make sense as connect should take 3 args.

error C2660: 'SampleClass::connect' : function does not take 3 arguments

Can anyone help me to figure out what i am missing here.

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You're trying to call a class member connect. Prefix the connect with :: so it finds the correct function.

if (::connect(sockfd[0], &sock.addr, sizeof(sock.inaddr)) == SOCKET_ERROR){ 
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Thanks Gary. that did it. –  Manish Shukla Aug 9 '12 at 5:51

It looks like your class has its own connect method, try calling ::connect instead, which should give you the 'standard' one.

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