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I'm working in Java to create a one-to-many connection using Java and SCTP protocol.

I've gotten a SctpMultiChannel up and running and I can receive messages, but is there something special needed to be done to send a message to all connections?

The error message:

java.net.SocketException: Invalid argument
    at sun.nio.ch.SctpChannelImpl.send0(Native Method)
    at sun.nio.ch.SctpMultiChannelImpl.send0(SctpMultiChannelImpl.java:976)
    at sun.nio.ch.SctpMultiChannelImpl.sendFromNativeBuffer(SctpMultiChannelImpl.java:888)
    at sun.nio.ch.SctpMultiChannelImpl.send(SctpMultiChannelImpl.java:847)
    at sun.nio.ch.SctpMultiChannelImpl.send(SctpMultiChannelImpl.java:824)
    at org.test.MultiServer.run(MultiServer.java:56)

And the complete code:

SocketAddress serverSocketAddress = new InetSocketAddress(SOCKET_PORT);
    SctpMultiChannel smc;
    try {
      smc = SctpMultiChannel.open().bind(serverSocketAddress);

      ByteBuffer buf = ByteBuffer.allocateDirect(160);
      Charset charset = Charset.forName("ISO-8859-1");
      CharsetDecoder decoder = charset.newDecoder();

      AssociationHandler assocHandler = new AssociationHandler();

      MessageInfo messageInfo;
      while ((messageInfo = smc.receive(buf, System.out, assocHandler)) != null) {
        Logger.info(smc.associations().size() + "");

        ByteBuffer buf1 = ByteBuffer.allocateDirect(60);
        CharBuffer cbuf1 = CharBuffer.allocate(60);
        charset = Charset.forName("ISO-8859-1");
        CharsetEncoder encoder = charset.newEncoder();
        encoder.encode(cbuf1, buf1, true);

        for (Association ass : smc.associations()) {
          MessageInfo mi = MessageInfo.createOutgoing(ass, null, 1);
          smc.send(buf, mi);
    } catch (IOException e) {
      Logger.error("Server error");

This is what I've done so far, my client sends a message and is then going to wait to receive a new message. What I'm aiming for is to have a non-blocking approach so I can send and receive messages on the same channel, and not blockint with the receive query.

Anyone got any experience in this?

best, Henrik

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Show us the exception. –  nos Aug 9 '12 at 6:41
Added the error in the question. –  Hiny Aug 9 '12 at 12:42

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