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Hey guys I am attempting to do a conditional validation in a active record model.

Basically I am attempting is presence_of date should be there if the bill_due_amount is greater than zero else if bill_due_amount== zero then validation of date is not required. right now I can think of this.

validates_presence_of :next_fup_date, :if => :check_due_amount_of_bill

def check_due_amount_of_bill
  self.bill_due_amount >= 1

I am getting the error as

undefined method `>=' for nil:NilClass

How exactly can I do this conditional validation? thanks in advance :)

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The problem is that bill_due_amount is nil. So in your method you have to check for nil first and then >= 1:

def check_due_amount_of_bill
  self.bill_due_amount.present? && self.bill_due_amount >= 1
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Thanks alot. Thumbs up for the answer. :) – bharath Aug 9 '12 at 6:33
You're welcome. Glad I could help. – Mischa Aug 9 '12 at 6:34

You can try like this

validates_presence_of :next_fup_date, :if => "bill_due_amount >= 1"
attr_accessor :bill_due_amount


validates_presence_of :next_fup_date, :if => :check_due_amount_of_bill
attr_accessor :bill_due_amount

def check_due_amount_of_bill
  bill_due_amount >= 1

You must specify the attr_accessor.

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actually i had tried the first method but i did not do the attr_accessor so got stuck. Thanks and thumbs_up for the answer. – bharath Aug 9 '12 at 6:34

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