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I used the DbMetal tool to generate a class for my database. It worked, but then I added some "char" types to the database. Now when I try to generate the class I get the error

DbMetal : Don't know how to convert the SQL type '"char"' into a managed type. Parameter name : dataType

Has anyone encountered this? Is there a workaround or an alternative?

Thanks in advance!

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First off, be careful of the difference between the char data type and the "char" data type in PostgreSQL. They are not the same, and "char" is normally just used for columns in system tables. Secondly, neither one is a very good choice for most application data; consider varchar or text instead. Do these work in dblinq? Maybe they were just trying to steer you away from bad choices. –  kgrittn Aug 9 '12 at 14:32

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Do you really mean "char" which is a special Postgres type for the storage of a single byte of information? Or did you mean char(n) or varchar(n)?

In general, outside of some rare cases, varchar() and text are far preferred. Unless you quote "char" it assumes you mean the standard SQL char type. This is not one of the more self-documenting decisions in PostgreSQL....

It would not surprise me if "char" is poorly supported. If you really need to use it (or even if not) it would be worth filing a bug report with nogsql if this is still happening. As a workaround use a standard type mile char(1).

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