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I want to fetch randomly record from a mysql table. I know we can fetch using order by rand() but its seems to be slow process for large field. can we have some other way to fetch rand records.

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You could get a rand offset first by

SELECT FLOOR(RAND() * COUNT(*)) AS rnd FROM your_table

Then select a record by using the offset.

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If you have some primary key Id you can pick a random number between MIN(Id) and MAX(Id) and get that item. Simply try again if the item with that Id does not exist.

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FROM random JOIN
             (SELECT MAX(id)
              FROM random)) AS id
     ) AS r2
     USING (id);

Your question is already answered here:

How can i optimize MySQL's ORDER BY RAND() function?


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You could try this:

SELECT * FROM  table 
  (select round(rand()*(select max(id) from table)) as val from table) as rnd
on rnd.val=table.id;
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