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I am new to cocoa.. I am creating one of the colorful window. so I need set background color to IKImageBrowserView. I think subclassing IKImageBrowserView is the way to set background color but it is too difficult for me.. Any other way to set background color without subclassing?

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You can achieve what You want by using setValue:forKey with option key IKImageBrowserBackgroundColorKey like this:

[imageBrowserViewOutlet setValue:[NSColor redColor] forKey:IKImageBrowserBackgroundColorKey];

Note: imageBrowserViewOutlet is IKImageBrowserView outlet.

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You can do that by using:

[thumbnailBrowser setValue:[NSColor colorWithDeviceRed:0.125f green:0.145f blue:0.145f alpha:1.0f]   forKey:IKImageBrowserBackgroundColorKey];

Change RGB as you like. thumbnailBrowser is IKImageBrowserView. Gook luck!

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