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We're looking for a click-to-call system, just with one click let your phone call the number on your screen.

In our company we have lots of MiTel 5320/5330 IP Phones which also have SIP functionality Since there is a tool called MiTel Unified Communicator Express which you can use to start a call, disconnect, redirect and so on. I figured there must be a way for PHP to do this aswell (perhaps with sockets, etc)

Any ideas?

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Sorry to jump on an old thread, but did you ever find a solution to this? I'm currently trying to implement the exact same solution with a php script. Can't find appropriate api docs – tomantford Mar 2 at 13:07
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click-to-call is implemented using 3rd party call control (3PCC). Look into RFC3725 for more technical details. Generally, it's vendor independent and should be supported by Mitel.

There are couple ways to do it:

  1. If Mitel provides an API for their UC Express, you can use PHP scripts to delegate click-to-call to Mitel.
  2. Use asterisk as a click-to-call server. This page has more details. In short, whenever a click-to-call link is activated, your webapp sends AMI commends to asterisk to ORIGINTATE a call on behave of your user.
  3. your webapp implements SIP B2BUA. When a link is clicked, webapp initiates INVITE towards caller and callee using one of the 3 methods recommend in RFC. This is a fair a bit of work especially there isn't a ton of stable SIP stack implemented in PHP. You also need more in-depth knowledge on SIP call processing. If you are Java, check out mobicents SIP Servlet stack. They have a nice click-to-call demo.
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