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I'm trying to Serialize some Object, that contain an IList with Children Elements. The IListis non-generic and i cannot just make it at generic one. I get the exception like "The Type MyObjectChild was not expected. ..." and it says something about XMLInclude, but i don't think thats what I'm searching. Does anyone have any idea how bring XMLSerialzer to serialize the child elements as well? Both Elements are [Serializable]

XmlSerializer xmlSerializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof ObservableCollection<MyEntryViewItem>));
FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(exportPath, FileMode.Create);

xmlSerializer.Serialize(fileStream, _listEntries);

public IList ElementChildren { get { return _item.Children; } set { _item.Children = value; RaisePropertyChanged(() => ElementChildren); } }

public sealed class ElementChild
    private int _id;
    private string _text;
    private string _path;
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You are trying to serialize a collection of MyEntryViewItem, what is this class? Also the error refers to another clas you haven't put into context, MyObjectChild. I think more information would help alot! – Justin Harvey Aug 9 '12 at 7:38
It's just a basic Class with some propertys (mostly strings) that i want to serialize. But one of the propertys is an IList with Elements of Type ElementChild... – JonSchn Aug 9 '12 at 7:42
MyObjectChild is the same as ElementChild... i mixed up the names... – JonSchn Aug 9 '12 at 7:42
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According to Simon Hewitt you can just use the XmlInclude to specify the type of your list. An alternative can be found at

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XmlSerializer treats IList in special way(actually ICollection and IEnumerable, but IList is both). There is note on XmlSerializer MSDN page:

The XmlSerializer gives special treatment to classes that implement IEnumerable or ICollection. A class that implements IEnumerable must implement a public Add method that takes a single parameter. The Add method's parameter must be of the same type as is returned from the Current property on the value returned from GetEnumerator, or one of that type's bases. A class that implements ICollection (such as CollectionBase) in addition to IEnumerable must have a public Item indexed property (indexer in C#) that takes an integer, and it must have a public Count property of type integer. The parameter to the Add method must be the same type as is returned from the Item property, or one of that type's bases. For classes implementing ICollection, values to be serialized will be retrieved from the indexed Item property, not by calling GetEnumerator.

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