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I have an object Tasks with a model like this

  has_many :notes, :validate => true

And Notes with a model like this:

  belongs_to :task
  validates_presence_of :body, :message => "cannot be empty, bonehead!"

I have a /tasks/new view to create a new task (form _for), and a note for it (fields _for). I want the validation failure messages for the Task and Note to be spat out at the top of the form.

The controller looks like:

def create
    @task =[:task])
    @note =[:note])
    @task.notes << @note
       redirect_to tasks_path
        render :action => 'new'

The problem is, when no Note body is entered a validation error message is returned in @note, "Body cannot be blank, bonehead"; and another one in @task, "Note is invalid".

I'm spitting both out in the view like this:

 <%= error_messages_for 'task', 'note', 'users_list', :header_message => nil, :message => nil %>

I want to keep the Note model validation message, and not have one as part of the Task object, "Not is invalid".

Thanks a lot!

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I don't have a console in front of me, but I think if you change your if statement to if @note.valid? and it would check the note first and only give you the first message.

Edit: This is just kind of an FYI, but you might want to use build instead of two new statements:

def create
  @task =[:task])
  @note =[:note])
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Total win! Thanks for the help sir. –  doctororange Jul 28 '09 at 1:18

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