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I wrote a TypeDescriptionProvider that adds a property to a class. I'm applying it via the attribute like this:

public class MyClass : MyBaseClass

A list of this object is displayed within a grid control on a form. This works absolutely fine when I run it within vs2010, the extra property is shown in the grid, and a series of calls like ...

TypeDescriptionProvider tdp = TypeDescriptor.GetProvider(typeof(MyClass));
ICustomTypeDescriptor td = tdp.GetTypeDescriptor(typeof(MyClass));
PropertyDescriptorCollection props = td.GetProperties();

... return the regular properties plus the one that gets added via the TypeDescriptionProvider.

However, the form that contains the grid that displays these objects gets called via COM from a VB6 legacy app. The com interface is defined as:

public interface IComInterface
  void ShowForm(int ownerHandle);

public class ComInterface : IComInterface
  public void ShowForm(int ownerHandle)
    // show the form ...

The basic stuff works without problems, I can reference the .tlb from within VB6, call the interface and show the form having the VB6 calling form as parent form.

If I compile the application and run the .exe, all works as expected.

But: If I run this from within VB6 to debug, the TypeDescriptionProvider is not applied to the class, therefore the extra property isn't there. The MyBaseClass is defined in another library and uses Marc Gravell's HyperDescriptor, which also doesn't seem to work in this constellation.

If I apply the TypeDescriptionProvider using ...

TypeDescriptionProvider parent = TypeDescriptor.GetProvider(typeof(MyClass));
TypeDescriptor.AddProvider(new MyTypeDescriptionProvider(parent), typeof(MyClass));

... instead of using the attribute, it works as expected, even when running it from within VB6.

My guess is that it's the VB6 IDE's fault and has something to do with security, but I could be completely wrong ... any ideas?

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Does this rely on anything in the .exe.config that needs to be put into the VB6.exe.config? –  Mark Hurd Aug 9 '12 at 13:20
@Mark I don't think so, unless there's something that's being read automatically from the .config file. I haven't coded anything that would specifically read things from the config file for the typedescriptor stuff. –  takrl Aug 9 '12 at 13:24

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