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Well , in python or java or ... we do sth like : (the python version )

tmp = "how%s" %("isit") 

and now tmp looks like "howisit".
is there any bulit in thing like that in javascript ? ( rather than sprintf )


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you can use string replace with regex and match references: string replace - tizag.com/javascriptT/javascript-string-replace.php ; regex - regular-expressions.info/tutorial.html. Like string.replace(/(.)+(%s)/gi,'$1isit') –  Onheiron Aug 9 '12 at 8:12
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Nop, there isn't. You can do string concatenation.

var tmp = 'how' + 'isit';

Or replace in other situations. This is a stupid example but you get the idea:

var tmp = 'how{0}'.replace('{0}', 'isit');
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Not build in, but you can make your own templating by extending the String prototype:

String.prototype.template = String.prototype.template ||
    var args = arguments;
    function replacer(a){
        return args[Number(a.slice(1))-1] || a;
    return this.replace(/(\$)?\d+/gm,replacer)
// usages
'How$1'.template('isit'); //=> Howisit
var greet = new Date('2012/08/08 08:00') < new Date 
             ? ['where','yesterday'] : ['are','today'];
'How $1 you $2?'.template(greet[0],greet[1]); // How where you yesterday?
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No, there is no string formating built in to javascript.

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No builtin function is there, however you can very easily build one yourself. The replace function can take a function argument and is the perfect solution for this work. Although be careful with large strings and complicated expressions as this might get slow quickly.

var formatString = function(str) {
    // get all the arguments after the first
    var replaceWith = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 1);
    // simple replacer based on String, Number
    str.replace(/%\w/g, function() {
        return replaceWith.shift();

var newString = formatString("how %s %s?", "is", "it");
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I think you can use these (simplistic) snippets;

function formatString(s, v) {
  var s = (''+ s), ms = s.match(/(%s)/g), m, i = 0;
  if (!ms) return s;
  while(m = ms.shift()) {
     s = s.replace(/(%s)/, v[i]);
  return s;

var s = formatString("How%s", ["isit"]);


String.prototype.format = function() {
    var s = (""+ this), ms = s.match(/(%s)/g) || [], m, v = arguments, i = 0;
    while(m = ms.shift()) {
        s = s.replace(/(%s)/, v[i++]);
    return s;

var s = "id:%s, name:%s".format(1,"Kerem");
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