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What's the proper way to generate an order by like ORDER BY myfunction(col, ?, ?) DESC with bind values in DBIx::Class?

Currently I use literal SQL for this, but that's not optimal for several reasons.

$rs->search(undef, { order_by => \"myfunction(col, $v1, $v2) DESC" });
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Something like this:

        '+columns' => [{
            'res' => {
                'func' => ['me.col', \['?' => $val1], \['?' => $val2]],
                '-as'  => 'res',
        'order_by' => {'-desc' => 'res'},

will generate (for MySQL & ($val1, $val2) = qw(val1 val2)):

SELECT `me`.`id`, ..., FUNC( `me`.`col`, ?, ? ) AS `res`
    FROM `table` `me`
    ORDER BY `res` DESC:
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It's a fine solution, +1. I'll stick with mine because this one populates an additional column in the Row object (i.e. the result of $row->get_columns will contain 'res'), and that would break some code. –  eugene y Aug 10 '12 at 11:29
As workaround you can mark this column (e.g. -res) and remove it in extended DBIx::Class::Row::inflate_result() method. –  Denis Ibaev Aug 10 '12 at 12:02
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I did manage to get DBIx::Class to generate the correct ORDER BY. Here is the code:

$rs->search(undef, {
    order_by => \[
        'myfunction(mycol, ?, ?) DESC', map [dummy => $_], $v1, $v2
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BTW, this is documented in Literal SQL with placeholders and bind values (subqueries) in SQL::Abstract –  eugene y Sep 8 '12 at 23:10

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