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I am making an application using Silverlight.

I must restict the access of some controls to some users.

Example: user1 can't use the delete button ...

Is there a framework or something that can help me ? Would it help if I use sessions ?


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This previous answer of mine might be of help: [… [1]:… – enforge Aug 9 '12 at 15:07
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I found a tool that do what I want. It is called Visual Guard. It's a very nice and powerful tool.

In the documentation

Visual Guard has been designed to automate as much functionality as possible in order to manage security in a PowerBuilder application. This is performed at several levels:

Managing actions specific to PowerBuilder Visual Guard manages the modification of key PowerBuilder object properties: • Enabling/disabling a control (button, graph, listbox, etc.). ). • Making a control (button, graph, listbox, etc.) visible/invisible. • Enabling/disabling menu items. • Making menu items as well as their toolbar icons visible/invisible. • Hiding/showing a datawindow column. • Enabling/disabling a datawindow column • Changing the WHERE clause of a datawindow sql statement. • Filtering of rows displayed in a datawindow. • Modifying text controls (Column names, contextual help, etc.) • Modifying the properties of a datawindow element (data input restrictions, changing a column's validation message or validation rules, etc.).

Managing actions specific to your class libraries

Data-driven Security

and much much more

I hope that it will help someone

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