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When searching for a Province in Google Maps, it outlines the map and adds a icon on the Province.

How would you get that from google without having to draw it point by point ? Im sure it's available if its showing on their maps.

Here is an example:

Western Cape, South Africa

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I'm interested to see what you managed here. I am wanting to draw darker border lines for each province in SA but don't know where the borders exactly are. I have a question on SO here:… – Brendan Vogt Oct 21 '13 at 13:20
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I do not think it is directly available through the API beyond what you can achieve with the styling wizard

To implement it yourself you'd need to find a shapefile for the areas of interest, store it in a spatially enabled database, (like PostgreSQL/PostGIS), and then load the relevant polygons, which you can style freely. Alternatively you can create a custom tile layer, like this, (check the "density" box), or you may be able to load it using fusion tables, (not an entirely simple process).

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See this similar question (doing the same thing for countries)

The answer can be applied to a province rather than a country.

Here is the closest I could come to that styling.

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