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I'm doing a business card scanner for my final examination about digital image processing, and I would ask to you how I have to preprocess a photo of a business card so tesseract can recognize text. I tried a lot of things, like erosion, dilation, thresholding, but I can't have a good result... Can you help me?

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Provide some images to show how is your acquisition quality. –  krzych Aug 9 '12 at 9:29

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If your concern is only about text recognition and not about preprocessing, consider using ScanTailor. It is an excellent pre-processing tool and it is open source.

If you want to implement the pre-processing yourself, you might want to have a look at this paper - especially the skew correction and the background estimation.The results of the algorithms described here are good. ScanTailor uses some of these.

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this is great info! I've been struggling with preprocessing and your answer is the first I've heard of ScanTailor. Are there any similar tools that are non-interactive ? –  Ivar Mar 10 at 5:58
@Ivar There is one other free tool - ocropus which offers command line interfaces. From my experience, a fully automatic approach never works except when your input images are almost spotlessly accurate.I also remember a paid tool Abby fine reader - but I have not worked with it. –  go4sri Mar 12 at 5:59

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