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I've noticed that there's seems to be this unwritten convention that when posting a file to a server to call the file in the request "qqfile". Googling away I can't seem to find any explination as to why "qqfile" was chosen.

Is there some reason rooted in history as to why this name is used?

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Because one of the popular AJAX file uploading components uses the namespace qq and parameter qqfile. Prefixing of file with the namespace was probably to avoid clashes with other form parameters in applications. I don't know why author prefered qq as the namespace for his component though because it neither resembles file upload nor his website valums.com. He could have wanted something that is short like $ but wouldn't conflict with existing libraries.


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See I figured this might be the case, I was hopeful though that there was actually a good reason for it rather than some random convention used in a popular library has been adopted by others. –  David Aug 9 '12 at 9:06

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