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I have the following code

    public ActionResult Index()
        ViewData.Model = new Model();
        return Action1();

    public ActionResult Action1()
        return View();

When I called the index action, it will call action1 method, and then call the index action again. Anyone knows why is this behaving this way?

I know we can use RedirectToAction("Action1") to solve this, but I'm just curious the reason behind this behaviour. Thanks heaps.


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It does not call the Index action again. Because the action you invoked at the first time was Index the method View() will return the view corresponding to Index. That is why you see the view for Index.

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Makes sense, but then it should've called the Action1 method again, but it didn't. Do you know why is that? –  RWendi Aug 9 '12 at 10:03
@RWendi: No, it only returns the view that the Index action corresponds. If what you are saying was true. Then returning a View() from an action would recursively call that method. Isn't it? Actually, when you call another action from an action No new request is made. Which is not true in case of RedirectToAction where new request is made. For a proof, check the URL in the browser in two cases. –  Mohayemin Aug 9 '12 at 13:41

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