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I wrote a simple tag manager class in matlab, and I'm struggling (or maybe over-thinking ;-) with naming my class methods appropriately. The class is called tag_manager. Here are my question regarding a clear API and implementation:

  • for adding a tag, should I call the method add or add_tag? same goes for removing.
  • for renaming a tag, should I call the method rename_tag or rename?

I always feel like adding the _tag suffix, so that it is clear what a method is acting upon.

  • nbr_tags is a counter that keep track on the number of tags that are currently stored. I sometimes need to access this number, and so instead of going through the list of tags and calculating the number of entries, I thought to return this value through a class method. Is return_nbr_tags the way to go, or could this be named more succinctly?
  • Very often, I need to know the index of a tag, which is in turn used to look up some elements in some other matrix. In order to prevent code to become to long, I called this method simply inx() which is supposed to be an abbreviation for return_tag_index. I'm aware that today I do know what inx() stands for, but in two weeks from now I'll probably won't be able to remember. So what is the best way of naming these kind of methods?

here's the class definition:

properties (SetAccess = private, GetAccess = public)
    tag_names = {}; % store the tags
    tag_rel_indx = []; % the relative tag index
    tag_abs_indx = []; % the absolute tag index

properties (SetAccess = private, GetAccess = public, Hidden = true)
    nbr_tags = 0;
    abs_tag_counter = 0;

    % add single tag to list. should be 'add' or 'add_tag'?
    function obj = add_tag(obj, name)

    % remove single tag from list
    function obj = remove_tag(obj, name)

    % short-cut for 'return_tag_index'
    function indx = inx(obj, name)
        indx = return_tag_index(obj, name);

    % rename tag
    function obj = rename_tag(obj, old_name, new_name)

    % re-order tags by name
    function obj = reorder_by_name(obj)

    % return number of tags stored in tagmanager
    function nbr_tags = return_nbr_tags(obj)
        nbr_tags = obj.nbr_tags;


Thanks a lot!

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There is an excellent Matlab Style Guide by Richard Johnson link –  JaBe Sep 12 at 9:54

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There is always a trade-off between using highly explicit function names (which is really helpful to understand code) and creating code that's easy to develop and use. If you need to make shortcut names for methods, it's a sign that you have moved to far toward explicit function names.

In your case, since you're creating a tag manager, I would drop tag from the methods, and instead start the convention of instantiating your tag manager class as tags = tagManager;, such that the method of adding tags is written either tags.add(...) or add(tags,...). Adding more explicit method names will help, though, when you're adding something other than tags, e.g. tags.addGroup. Your index method then becomes index(tags,name), which is, in my eyes, both short and clear.

PS: Why have a returnNumberOfTags method? You can just read from the property, and add set/get methods if necessary.

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thanks a lot! I could for sure just access nbr_tags directly, but I don't want the user to modify its value, so it's a private, hidden property. That's why I feel like I need to provide a visible API to it, i.e., using a Get or Return method. –  memyself Aug 9 '12 at 13:24
@memyself: With setAccess set to private, it shouldn't be necessary to hide the property. But it's really a style issue. –  Jonas Aug 9 '12 at 14:24

In my opinion, and having had to use other people's code before, I find it VERY helpful when the method/function names are clear and descriptive. I'd much rather someone be verbose with the name of their function but at the same time you don't want to be overly verbose with it.

For instance your return number of tags function. I would personally name that something like GetNumberOfTags. For functions that I use to set a particular value I use SetParticularValue.

I do lean away from the underscores though. That's probably most just a habit I picked up from the coding practices we have at work.

The biggest thing to remember is being consistent throughout the whole class. AND don't forget to have useful comments if the function isn't entirely clear =P It's horrible when you have to come back through and rework someone's code and there's a real dirth of information about what variables are being used for and what the function really is meant to do ;).

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