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I have multiple divs (haveing same class names). I want to move the div (always same div, which has unique ID #pos1) to the div which has been clicked. So, for that purpose, I am using following code to find the position1 (of the div which I want to move) and pos2 (the div which is clicked).

However, I don't know know how can I move (animate etc) the div from one position to another. I will appriciate any help.

jQuery(".container").click(function() {

    var pos1 = jQuery("#pos1").position();
    alert(pos1.top + ', ' + pos1.left);

    var pos2 = jQuery(this).position();
    alert(pos2.top + ', ' + pos2.left);

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First of all make sure that all your .container divs are position:absolute

Then you can use the following animate function of jQuery:

    var pos1 = $('#pos1').position();

    $(this).animate({ 'top': pos1.top + 'px', 'left': pos1.left + 'px'}, 200, function(){
        //end of animation.. if you want to add some code here
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Both the divs should have position :relative or may be you can give your moving div a position: absolute for top and left to work properly.

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