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I want to run a jar file that has java code, inside the Pentaho spoon tool. This run is a single step by accepting an input, running the java class on top of this data and then providing the output somewhere. Is this possible with Pentaho Spoon?

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This is very easy. Just pop the jar file into the lib directory with the other jars, and call it from the modified javascript step. ( Or maybe even the java class step if thats more suitable for what you're trying to do )

I've done this several times - most recently for some custom decoding which had to be done in java, and couldnt be done in the java step because janino didnt support it.

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Hi codek , i am trying to execute a jar file from pentaho ETL .can you please look in to the following issue [link]forums.pentaho.com/… Thanks in advance Code –  Surya Jan 2 '14 at 12:03

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