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I am using http basic authentication with Apache 2.4 with LDAP as authentication provider. I am in the process of implementing a form based login page rather than the default login prompt/dialog. Before embarking on this i wanted to know if there is any PHP application that provides all the typical LDAP based user manangement features.

What i am looking for in terms of functionality is...

  • Login page
  • User Registration which requests mandatory email address and goes through a email based activation process. For starters, even a manual activation process should be ok
  • User activation for an admin user
  • Forgot password feature that simply resets a password and sends a mail to the registered email address.
  • Logout functionality that terminates the session.

Im sure it should not matter, but i am using Apache DS as LDAP server.

given that these features are very basic to any application that needs authentication and authorization i was wondering if there is some lightweight php (or perl) webapp that can be readily deployed and configured on apache...

Any pointers will be appreciated.

EDIT: I am attempting to integrate multiple web apps using apache/LDAP/basic-auth based SSO. i want to use mod_auth_form for apache which is where i want to stick in this code. My needs from the LDAP structure would be very basic and am even willing to be constrained by the code to some extent if some basic requirements can be met like group membership through groupOfNames and user identity representation through inetOrgPerson. I dont expect the userbase to grow beyond 100 and would be perfectly ok with all users bunched up within a single ou etc..

all i was hoping to use is some code flows already plumbed to do the basic flows as mentioned above so that i could get up and running quickly and change a few things here if necessary.

Anyways, i understand from the first few comments that i may be asking for something unrealistic, appreciate the responses thus far. Just trying my luck.

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While you are talking about things that are common to many apps that require registration/authentication, the nuts and bolts of how these things work at the back-end has so many variables that even if you can find some out-of-the-box solution, it would likely need to be fairly heavily modified to suit your exact requirements - which would mean having to familiarise yourself with somebody else's code base in order to modify it, so it probably wouldn't save you much, if any, time. –  DaveRandom Aug 9 '12 at 10:16
im not looking for anything too fancy, what i had in mind was a kind of utility wrap that is capable of exposing fields of inetOrgPerson so that i can create new inetOrgPerson(s) into a standard/configurable section of the hierarchy. something basic that have the basic plumbing for the user flows mentioned above so that i could kind of tweak it to my liking. –  arajashe Aug 20 '12 at 5:43

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No there isn't, and there can't be. Every LDAP server can define users in a different part of a different hierarchy, and in many cases using one of many possible object classes as well; roles ditto; and subsidiary other things ditto. And that's without even beginning to grapple with such things as locally defined password policies.

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