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I am making an app and I wish to integrate it with facebook.

While working on this I came across:

  • A name "application signature" which I heard resides in the file debug.keystore and it exists across every application.

  • The same app key needs to be mentioned in the field "Hash Key" while creating the app on facebook.

My question is how can I generate/view this key ?

Kindly correct me if I am wrong about something.

Thanks in advance.

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possible duplicate of key hash for android-facebook app – Igy Aug 14 '12 at 17:44
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You have to create a keystore, read on google dev. You can signature your app with this keystore

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The most easiest way to get this key is enable logging inside facebook library and when your application fails copying this key from logcat output. To do this open and set to true private static boolean ENABLE_LOG = false;. Do not forget turn off this back after, because this will can create security issues

Official tutorial with more detailed description and another one way to do this here

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