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I have javascript array in this format:

omega.franchiseInfo.rawdata = [{
                Id: "Main",
                Title: "Main",
                Type: "main",
                items: [{
                    Id: "Menu1",
                    Title: "Menu1",
                    Type: "menu",
                    items: [{
                        Id: "Menu1",
                        Title: "Menu1",
                        Type: "menu",
                        items: []

Every item has a property items which is an array containing other items. The number of elements of the array is not specified.

I am using the knockout mapping plugin on the array to make it observableArray. And all the members of the array also become observables.

omega.franchiseInfo.observableRawData = ko.mapping.fromJS(language.rawdata);

What I want to accomplish is then unwrap the omega.franchiseInfo.observableRawData to become in its original pure javascript format. That means to be equal to omega.franchiseInfo.rawdata. I know that there are methods in knockout like ko.utils.unwrapObservable but javascript is not my strong side and I couldn't make it work for my case. Also I think that the function that will do the job should be recursive to go through all the items in the array.

Here is my fiddle:

I will be very greatfull if somebody can help me with that and provide a working code. Thank You for your time and effort.

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You can convert it back to JavaScript object like this :


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Thank You very much. – Mdb Aug 9 '12 at 12:17

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