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I want to find the MEMORY that an Object uses, using Guava library. For that I have made the homework of searching and I have found out one class: CollectionUtils. It has a method size(Object). But my question is whether this method returns the size of the object or size of the memory that it uses?

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Uh. Guava doesn't have a class called CollectionUtils or any tool that measures memory consumption. Are you thinking of MemoryMeasurer? – Louis Wasserman Aug 9 '12 at 11:26

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If you want to find out how much memory something is consuming, then you want But I don't think it's oriented toward beginners.

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It's not Guava but Apache commons and it returns the number of elements. For memory usage there are tools based on instrumentation. Or you can use reflection and count it yourself. Or allocate a lot of such objects and measure the memory used via Runtime.totalMemory() and Runtime.freeMemory().

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