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I'm working on an OpenLaszlo application using the unreleased version of OpenLaszlo 5.0 (trunk). In one of my classes I need to import ActionScript 3 classes. What is the recommended way to add such import statements?

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LZX supports the passthrough tag. The passthrough tag in turn has a when attribute, where you can specify a boolean expression, e.g. $as3 or $swf10:

<canvas debug="true"> 

  <class name="foo"> 
    <passthrough when="$as3"> 
      import flash.system.Capabilities; 
    <handler name="oninit"> 
      if ($as3) {;
      } else {"flash.system.Capabilities can only be used in the SWFx runtime");

  <foo />


For the SWFx runtime, the import statement is then injected into the genereated ActionScript 3 class.

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Thanks, that's just what I've been looking for. – user1587219 Aug 9 '12 at 11:01
OpenLaszlo supports another syntax using the switch and when tags, but if you use those tags you won't be able to precompile your classes/modules into an LZO library. – raju-bitter Aug 10 '12 at 9:20

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