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okay, i'm trying to compile the fileshare example called 'pcp' using the following command

 wolfgang@den-pc:~/tejesh/libjingle-0.6.14/programs$ g++ -g -Wall -DPOSIX
 ../talk/build/dbg/lib/libxmpphelp.a ../talk/build/dbg/lib/libjingle.a ../talk/build
 /dbg/lib/libexpat.a ../talk/build/dbg/lib/libsrtp.a -lpthread -lssl

And i get the following 'typeinfo' error... In member function ‘virtual void
 CustomXmppPump::OnStateChange(buzz::XmppEngine::State)’: warning: enumeration value ‘STATE_NONE’ not handled in switch  
 /tmp/ccVe8JUg.o:(.rodata._ZTI14CustomXmppPump[typeinfo for CustomXmppPump]+0x18): 
 undefined reference to `typeinfo for XmppPump'
 /tmp/ccVe8JUg.o:(.rodata._ZTIN7cricket18SessionManagerTaskE[typeinfo for  
 cricket::SessionManagerTask]+0x8): undefined reference to `typeinfo for buzz::XmppTask'
 /tmp/ccVe8JUg.o:(.rodata._ZTIN7cricket15SessionSendTaskE[typeinfo for  
 cricket::SessionSendTask]+0x8): undefined reference to `typeinfo for buzz::XmppTask'
 /tmp/ccVe8JUg.o:(.rodata._ZTI17AutoPortAllocator[typeinfo for AutoPortAllocator]+0x8): 
 undefined reference to `typeinfo for cricket::HttpPortAllocator'
 collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Anybody have some idea on this issue?

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possible duplicate of compilation libjingle pcp – jogojapan Jun 24 '13 at 5:44

If you compile with gyp, you can change trunk/talk/libjingle_examples.gyp:

# target pcp
  'target_name': 'pcp',
  'type': 'executable',
  'dependencies': [
  'sources': [
},  # target pcp

run gclient runhooks again and make.

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After adding pcp manually to libjingle_examples.gyp you need to make in this way: ninja -C out/Debug pcp on a Linux system. Subsequently you can find the pcp binary in trunk/out/Debug. The same is true for e.g. ninja -C out/Debug relayserver. – Anne van Rossum Jun 23 '13 at 23:18

This error may be caused by some virtual method not having a definition - i.e. you have declared it but you have not defined its body.

Probably you did not include some .c/.cpp file(s) in the compilation/linking?

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changed all "virtual void function()" to "virtual void function() {} " and all the errors except ... "undefined reference to `typeinfo for XmppPump" are gone... cant find any virtual functions for XmppPump... what else could be the cause of 'typinfo' errors..? – wolfgang Aug 9 '12 at 13:56
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Did manage to compile pcp succesfully by scons,......... in your talk/ directory append the following line to 'libjingle.scons'

 talk.App(env, name = "pcp",
 posix_libs = [
 srcs = [

libs = [ "jingle", "expat", "srtp", "xmpphelp", ], )

And then build it using instructions from the README of libjingle.. pcp binary will be built in your /talk/build/dbg/staging/ directory..

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