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In the following subcode, I want to restrict what it does (replacing substring in hyperlinks) to a specific column. I have writen in '* what my idea is for a quick fix. But I can't seem to find a good way to get the column value of a cell saved as a Range variable.

Dim MyDoc As Worksheet
Dim MyCell As Range
        For Each MyCell In MyDoc.UsedRange
            If MyCell.Hyperlinks.Count > 0 Then
               '* if mycell's columnnumber = 1 then
                    LinkURL = MyCell(1).Hyperlinks(1).Address
                    FindPos = InStr(1, LinkURL, FindString)
                    If FindPos > 0 Then 'If FindString is found
                        ReplaceLen = Len(FindString)
                        URLLen = Len(LinkURL)
                        PreStr = Mid(LinkURL, 1, FindPos - 1)
                        PostStr = Mid(LinkURL, FindPos + ReplaceLen, URLLen)
                        NewURL = PreStr & ReplaceString & PostStr
                        MyCell(1).Hyperlinks(1).Address = NewURL 'Change the URL
                    End If
               '* End if
            End If
         Next MyCell
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You can simply call the Column property:

If MyCell.Column = 1 Then ...

This is the absolute column (column A of the spreadsheet), not the first column of the range.

If you want to check if it is the first column of the range, you can first calculate it:

firstCol = yourRange.Cells(1, 1).Column
If MyCell.Column = firstCol Then ...
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+ 1 And yes.. Congrats on 20k ;) –  Siddharth Rout Aug 9 '12 at 12:11
Correct answer for the question, but didn't help me in the specific case. But I might have found another way to fix it. Thx for the help :) –  Øyvind Aug 9 '12 at 12:14
@SiddharthRout Yeaa Thanks! You are not far behind ;-) –  assylias Aug 9 '12 at 12:47

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