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I have a little problem with my user/login panel in php. If guest comes to see my page in his panel he have options for login and register. Users see their member panel like below:

(there are some IF functions, which making sure that there's no session id in base, then showing options for guest)


<h1>Members panel</h1>
<p>You can put member-only data here</p>
<p><a href="registered.php">View a member page</a></p>           
<p><a href="changepass.php">Edit your password</a></p>
<a href="?logoff">Log off</a>

Now: in my database with users i have column named ROLE. There are roles like user and admin. I want to make admins see another section in that panel. I was trying with another switch/case and IF instruction, like:

                  if (isset($_SESSION['role']) && ($_SESSION['role'] =='admin')); 
                  (there is member panel) 
                  <div class="left right">      
        <h1>Administrator panel</h1>
        <a href="admin.php">View an admin page</a>

but it doesn't work. (I have session variable role.) Any ideas?

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I'm not a php guy but could it be the ; on the if (isset($_SESSION['role']) && ($_SESSION['role'] =='admin')); line? – James Khoury Aug 9 '12 at 10:58
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first of all you should seperate view and control, i.e. do not put php code in your html files. there are plenty of possibilities to keep this much cleaner. the SMARTY framework for instance is quite popular.

second, how is the role written to your $_SESSION (and why?). you should better pass your db-recordset. pseudo:

$rs = db->query(SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY userID)
if ($rs[&currentUserID]['role'] == 'admin') {

third: if you mess with php and html you should at least generate your php in a seperate area (obviously before any output) and output your HTML for instance with heredoc syntax:

  // do any PHP stuff here
  $panel = 'user logged in';
  if (admin) {
    $panel .= "i'm an admin";
echo <<<OUT
<!DOCTYPE html>
  ... // put all HTML in here and use variables


PS: please remove the css tag as your question has nothing to do with it

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You may try by removing the ';' after if

  if (isset($_SESSION['role']) && ($_SESSION['role'] =='admin')) {    
    } else {
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Tried to do it like this: <?php if (isset($_SESSION['role']) && ($_SESSION['role'] =='admin')) { ?> <!---USER PANEL GOES HERE--> <!--ADMIN PANEL GOES HERE--> <?php } else { ?> <!---USER PANEL GOES HERE--> <?php } ?> and then endif (for others IF i suppose) And....don't have both of them now ;) BEFORE that changes i could see members page in admin account. – Mike Aug 9 '12 at 11:15
If you want to see users panel you must remove the 'else' statement with the braces '{' and '}' after it. – Borislav Yordanov Aug 9 '12 at 12:26

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