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I am relatively new to Python and I'm developing my first Python GUI (slowly). One of the third-party modules I want to use uses Python's logging framework. I would like their logs to go to a GtkTextView. I know where their logger variable is, so can call logger.addHandler.

How do I inherit from logging.Handler correctly?

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My implementation based on the source of StreamHandler is

class GtkTextViewHandler(logging.Handler):
  def __init__(self, tv):
    logging.Handler.__init__(self) = tv
    self.tbf = tv.get_buffer()
    self.formatter = None

  def emit(self, record):
      msg = self.format(record)
      fs  = "%s\n"
      self.tbf.insert(self.tbf.get_end_iter(), fs % msg), 0.0, False, 0, 0)
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