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I am trying to make the connection to a remote mysql database in CloverETL Designer (Community Version)

Documentation with examples on this subject seem fragmented so I have tried to piece the bits together but I'm not use if they are correct. I would be grateful for any suggestions or further clarification on this subject.

Here is what I have so far:

The SSL Certificate

As an alternative VPN connection the server guys passed me the raw CA certificate, which I saved as a .crt file in the conn folder of the CloverETL workspace.

CloverETL Connections

  • I created a new DB connection and tested it was working without SSL
  • In the graph window I created a simple graph
  • Switching to Source View I added the parameter attribute to the connection code like this:

    <Connection database="MYSQL" dbURL="jdbc:mysql://hostname/database_name" id="JDBC0" jdbcSpecific="MYSQL" name="CPM" parameters="ssl=${WORKSPACE}/conn/mysql_cpm_cert.crt" password="password" type="JDBC" user="username"/>

  • Then I tested the connection to the database by creating new metadata from a DB table

The problem is that I don't know if the connect is now secure or not.

Here's the list of resources that I used to piece together the information:

components:bulkloaders:mysql_data_writer [CloverETL wiki]

MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: SSL Command Options

Thanks CPM

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Your setup almost certainly does not use ssl. Both links you posted are not usable - first describes bulk loader and second connection via command line client. But what you need is to configure JDBC. So I would use section "Security."

I would set:

  • useSSL=true
  • requireSSL=true

You will do that by adding items in table (Custom JDBC properties) on second tab (Advanced) of Connection Wizard. In source it should appear like "jdbc.useSSL=true jdbc.requireSSL=true" not "parameters=".

Then connection should fail, because in your default java key store is missing your certificate. It can be imported via section "Importing Certificates"

I hope this helps.

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