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In the following code what's the value of a.b ? ( It's neither undefined, or null nor it is empty string )

var a = {} ;

a.b = [] ; 

//////////////////////a.b["hello"]="hello"; //comment, uncomment for testing it
trace( a.b )  // output is invisible, something like blank string
trace( (a.b).length ); // 0 , this could be used but the index is string ie. "hello" 

trace(a.b == undefined ) ; // false
trace(a.b == null) ; // false 


if ( a.b is not having any type of content inside )
     //How to get inside this part, when a.b is not having any value 
    // do this 
   //do this 
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As said before you have just created an Array into the a Object. Array should be used to store index base values not String one i.e :

var a:Array=[]; a[0]=XXX, a[1]=YYYY;

If you want to store String keys an Object should be used :

var a:Object={}; a["foo"]=XXX, a["hello"]=YYYY;

As you use an Array the length property will only reflect all the index base values you have put inside, if you have add a String base property it will not be taken into account. What you can do is enumerate the keys of Array and break if there is at least one:

var isEmpty:Boolean=true;
for (var s:String in a.b) { // enumerate keys that are into a.b
 break; // there is at least one key so exit the loop

if (isEmpty) {
     //How to get inside this part, when a.b is not having any value 
    // do this 
} else {
   //do this 
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It is Array.

a.b = [] ; 
a.b = new Array(); //is similar

And you can write this:

a.b["hello"] = 1;

because of Array is dynamic class. You just create field hello.

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let's say i have a a condition that checks if "hello" is initialized or not. And suppose i didnot initialize it. Then how can i enter into the 1st block of condition ( see pseudocode ) –  Vishwas G Aug 9 '12 at 11:23
Hm, I don't understand what you mean writing content inside :) If proprty is undefined it is means that proprty was created(var a:Object = {}; a.b;) but there is no any pointer to this property. If property exists and it is not undefined then this proprty point to some value or object. –  Fox in socks Aug 9 '12 at 11:37

You could just do something like this: if(a.b == null || a.b == undefined || (a.b).length == 0)

I'm not fully understanding what you're looking to do, but wouldn't that let you know if a.b is empty?

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It doesnot work. I have mentioned it in the question. –  Vishwas G Aug 9 '12 at 12:01

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