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  1. derby new TestDerby
  2. Uncomment server/index.js
  3. add console.log(model.get(),model.session) to app/index.js - this.start
  4. model.session is undefined

    (had a quick look at racer/lib/session/session.Store.js)

or derby recommend to use model.set('_session-item-key',value) instead of session?

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it seems that the model.session only exist at server, so if I want to access session at a client route, what should I do instead of using session. –  atian25 Aug 9 '12 at 15:28

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You have access to session via model.session. Write a custom middleware to hook into the creation of your expressApp: model = req.getModel(); model.set('_whatever', model.session.whatever); Example custom middleware, example model.session

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