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I'm writing a web application whose sole intention is to process the images provided by the user.

I do understand that a multitude of programming languages facilitate server-side image manipulation and some basic functionality etc., but my concern here is which might be the best programming language/ libraries for exhaustive image processing ?

I'm currently planning to do the web application/user-interface in any of the languages i.e. PHP/ Python and delegate all the image-manipulation work to a dedicated server, with my application logic written in c/c++.

thanks in advance

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Image Magick is a good choice for standard stuff like image scaling/cropping and some more basic image manipulations. If you are into more sophisticated image-processing or higher level computer vision tasks like face detection I would recommend OpenCV which is a c++ library meant for running realtime tasks.

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Try image management web service which combines processing and storage

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Have a look at ImageMagick and gd. They have bindings to a lot of higher level languages, and provide good performance because they are written in C.

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Well the image processing part in server side scripting languages is usually always done by bindings to a native C/C++ library or by directly calling a command line image maniuplation tool. One library to use e.g. for PHP would be imagick. Even though use server side image processing carefully, because it is still very resource consuming.

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For Python, look at PIL which is very powerful image processing library.

Python/PIL is certainly a very good candidate for your application

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