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Is there a way to avoid form based login in servlet application which uses acegi security module? I want to pass somehow login and password to URL. I tried to call something like this:

GrantedAuthority[] grantedAuthorities = new GrantedAuthority[] {new GrantedAuthorityImpl("ROLE_ADMIN")};
UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken authentication = new UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken("admin", "passwordofadmin", grantedAuthorities);
WebAuthenticationDetails authdetails = (WebAuthenticationDetails) authentication.getDetails();
HttpSession session = event.getSession();
ProviderManager pm = (ProviderManager)WebApplicationContextUtils.getWebApplicationContext(session.getServletContext()).getBean("authenticationManager");

in handler of HttpSessionCreatedEvent event, and I received AuthenticationSuccessEvent event, but then Failure event also received and authentication form displayed.

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First you must override UserDetailsService in xml. Something like this:

<bean id="userService" class="" >

Then write your own

public class UserSecurityService implements UserDetailsService {
public UserDetails loadUserByUsername(String username)
        throws UsernameNotFoundException, DataAccessException{

User user =userDAO.findByUsername(username);
GrantedAuthority[] grantedRoles = {new GrantedAuthorityImpl("ROLE_USER")};

        secUsr = new User(user.getUsername(), user.getPassword(), true, grantedRoles);

I hope this will be helpful for you

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