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I have both books by T.Parr about ANTLR and I see dollar sign all over with references to symbols. It work(ed) for me too:

term : IDENT -> { new TokenNode($IDENT) };

or something more complex:

type_enum : 'enum' name=IDENT '=' val+=IDENT (',' val+=IDENT)* ';' 
            -> { new EnumNode($name,$val) };

But this line gives me absurd error:

not_expr :  term 
         | NOT ex=not_expr -> { new UnaryExpression($NOT,$ex) };

The error says missing attribute access on rule scope: ex. You know what the fix is? Removing the dollar sign on "ex". That's it.

Out of curiosity I checked the mentioned rules (above) and removed the dollar sign -- they work as before (i.e. I don't get any error).

QUESTION: so what is this story with dollar sign? Should I not use it? Or should I use it until I get an error?

I would not ask this question, if I not saw this convention almost used as a standard in ANTLR.

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QUESTION: so what is this story with dollar sign? Should I not use it? Or should I use it until I get an error?

It depends what you want to reference.

Understand that there are 3 different types of "labels":

  1. name=IDENT, the label name references a CommonToken;
  2. val+=IDENT, the label val references a List containing CommonToken instances, in this case;
  3. ex=not_expr the label ex references a ParserRuleReturnScope

I recommend always using a $. I don't know if it is by design that NOT ex=not_expr -> { new UnaryExpression($NOT,$ex) }; doesn't work, but to get a hold of whatever not_expr matched, I'd simply do this:

not_expr : term 
         | NOT ex=not_expr -> { new UnaryExpression($NOT, $ex.tree) }

I don't see why you'd want to get a hold of the entire ParserRuleReturnScope: the tree holds all the information you need.


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Well, I don't want to do hold anything :-), I want to pass a tree to another tree constructor. Thank you for explanation. – greenoldman Aug 10 '12 at 10:55
You're welcome @macias. – Bart Kiers Aug 10 '12 at 13:28
I'm assuming the label ex in ex=not_expr is a reference to ParserRuleReturnScope because it is a parse rule (while IDENT is a token)? – Alexander Oct 31 '13 at 18:26
@Alexander, yes, that is correct. – Bart Kiers Oct 31 '13 at 18:51

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