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Just wondering how to style a header like the attached image. Was thinking of using two divs, the left for the text and the right for the horizontal repeating image. Problem is I need the right div's width to change with respect to different header lengths.

Any help would be appreciated!

header image

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You can do that in simple;

    background:url('') repeat;
.header span{
    height: 20px;

<div class="header"><span class="title">Header Text</span></div>

You can include this in various pages and the title space re-size accordingly.

Here is a working Live Demo

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This is exactly what I needed, thank you – hotshots Aug 9 '12 at 13:30

Use left and right DIVs with respective width and then to the right div use text-align: right; property so that the content loaded in right div will remain to right and increase to left depending on the size of content

<div class="header">
  <div class="left"></div>
  <div class="right"></div>

.header{overflow: hidden;} //Considering width: 1000px;
.left{float: left; width: 100px;}
.right{float: right; width: 900px; text-align: right;}
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As the headers are generated by a wordpress themes backend, the left divs width will always be different so I wouldn't know the width. @blasteralfred suggested a working demo that re-sizes accordingly. Thanks for the help...... – hotshots Aug 9 '12 at 13:35

you could do it with just a <h1> tag for semantic reasons, and ad a background-image to it. With padding-right you now can control the amount of how many times it should repeat itself and filling up the needed space.

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