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Using the graph api it's possible to do:


But how am I supposed to do it with FQL? I tried this which suggests:

SELECT message FROM checkin WHERE author_uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()) 
AND me() IN tagged_uids

but it doesn't return even a single result.


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From what I can see, IN doesn't seem to work with me(). You have to first get the user id and assign this to a variable. This throws an OAuth exception:

SELECT message FROM checkin WHERE author_uid = me() OR me() IN tagged_ids

but if you set [UserId] to the current user's id, this works:

SELECT message FROM checkin WHERE author_uid = [UserId] OR [UserId] IN tagged_ids

You don't need to use the friend subquery. FQL will only return checkins that are visible to your user.

For this to work, make sure your access_token has both the user_checkins and friends_checkins permissions.

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Pretty sure it works even without friends_checkins. –  Tiger Aug 19 '12 at 11:27

@cpilko gave a solution, but I've found another one, so I am adding it here as a reference for whoever reach this page:

SELECT id FROM location_post WHERE ([UserId] IN tagged_uids OR author_uid=me()) AND strpos(type,"checkin")>=0
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