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I am using JSTL to populate drop down items, where country is an item having { id, name, code } attributes.

My need is to get name and code for selected country.

for example:

Country{c_id, c_name, c_code} is structure of country bean. when user selects this item I need to retrieve two values c_name, c_code.

What I did yet:

As I know, only one value can be assigned to itemValue either c_name or c_code. I tried to populate all country and match selected country and then set to another path variable, but this also not working.

My code is as

<form:select path="selectedCountry" id="ddlCountryId">
<c:forEach items="${countries}" var="country">
    <option value="${country.countryName}" ${country.countryName == selectedCountry ? 'selected' : ''}>${country.countryName}</option>
    <input class="login_submit" type="submit" value="Login" id="btnSubmitId">

    <!-- Read country code of selected country -->
    <c:forEach var="country" items="${countries}">
        <c:out value="country"></c:out>
        <c:when test="${country.countryName==loginCreadetials.selectedCountry}">
        <input name="countryCode" type="hidden" value="${country.countryCode}"/>


How can I do this?

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Set the value of your option tag to a String that you can easily parse, for instance


In your controller, you can then split the string on the ':' character to retrieve your two values.

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+1 I will check it. – Android Learner Aug 16 '12 at 14:17

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