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I'm creating a ruby gem using Bundler for a simple rackup app (not Rails). It's a real pain to run rake install and then restart the webserver everytime. For most part it's ok because I test everything using rspec but not design. My gem contains a whole lot of design and everytime I update my gem I have to go threw the same procedure.

Is it possible to build gems locally without having to run rake install and then restart my rack server every single time?

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Are you using Bundler to manage the gems for your app as well? (i.e., do you have a Gemfile for your app?) –  BaronVonBraun Aug 9 '12 at 13:39
Yes I'm using Bundler. –  sandelius Aug 9 '12 at 17:30

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If you're using Bundler to manage the gems in your application, you can use Bundler's path directive to use a gem that's currently in development.

In your Gemfile:

# My awesome gem that I'm developing
gem 'some-awesome-gem', :path => '~/Projects/some_awesome_gem'

Essentially, just point the path at the directory where your gem resides and you won't have to package new versions of the gem while you're actively developing it.

See the Bundler homepage and Gemfile Manual for more details.

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