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I am starting cocos2d and going through some online tutorials. The first question is arising in my mind is that is it necessary to use tiled map if yes then Why?

Can I not add a background image in scene to feel like a arena?

I want to make a arena which will have a long path in a field and player will run only on the path (similar to car race), and after a certain distance this will repeat. How will I make such environment in game. Idea, concept or reference links will be appreciated.

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is it necessary to use tiled map?

It is never really necessary to use a tiled map. For anything. However, it is helpful for many scenarios. So, in your case, no, it is not necessary. There are many other ways you can implement a repeating background or whatever.

Can I not add a background image in scene to feel like a arena?

Yes, of course you can.

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No, a tiled map not necessary for your arena + long path concept, but it could work okay for that concept, if you wanted to. Yes, you can add a background image instead.

Tiled maps are uniquely useful for tile-based games, or games where you want to dynamically change individual tiles while the game runs.

As for your "How will I make such environment in game" question: this question is too big and I believe it goes against StackOverflow's guidelines. So, my answer to your last question is another question: What Have You Tried?

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Thanks for the answer... looking into ur reference – Ajay_Kumar Aug 10 '12 at 5:31

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