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I use RequireJS 2.0.4 for loading Java Script files.

It works properly in Chrome, Firefox and IE9, but wrong in IE8.

I set true value of enforceDefine config property.

And the error message was no define call for ...

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This occurs when enforceDefine is set to true, and a script that is loaded either:

  • Did not call define() to declare a module.
  • Or was part of a shim config that specified a global string property that can be checked for loading, and that check failed.

Or, if the error shows up only in IE and not in other browsers (which may generate a Script error, the script probably:

  • Threw a JavaScript syntax/evaluation error.
  • Or there was a 404 error in IE where the script failed to load.

Those IE behaviors result in IE's quirks in detecting script errors. To fix it:

  • If the module calls define(), make sure the define call was reached by debugging in a script debugger.
  • If part of a shim config, make sure the shim config's exports check is correct. If in IE, check for an HTTP 404 error or a JavaScript sytnax error by using a script debugger.


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