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I have a web page in which i need to show SVG logos. This is quite easily possible in the latest browsers, but I need to make it compatible with older browsers too. Some how I need to display an alternate image to the user if the browser does not support SVG. I have come across a method called HTTP-content negotiation, but how can I implement it to get the desired result? I tried the <object> tag but it does not seem to work with IE and is very hard to style when tried with Firefox.

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Have you tried one of the many SVG conversion scripts/tools; for example SVG Web? Those are useful to convert a SVG to a Flash based animation or even an VRML model. – feeela Aug 9 '12 at 14:23

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I'd implement this client side with the help of Modernizr. Given a markup such as...

<!-- Start with bitmaps because 
they will show up in all browsers even 
if javascript is not enabled -->
<img src="logo1.png" class="logo" />
<img src="logo2.png" class="logo" />
<img src="logo3.png" class="logo" />
<img src="logo4.png" class="logo" />

You can do...

  if (Modernizr.svg){
         var src = $(this).attr("src");
         var svg = src.substr(0, src.lastIndexOf('.')) + ".svg";
         $(this).attr("src", svg)
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